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How to use this tool for use/reuse assessment

Point of Use Survey

Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo) offers tools to create pop-up/intercept surveys. Pop-up surveys that appear on the loading of a webpage are part of the base Alchemer platform. But in order to deploy a pop-up triggered by the download of a digital object, an Intercept survey, one must additionally purchase the Website Intercept add-on. The Website Intercept also provides additional pop-up survey options and flexibility. Alchemer help pages on the specific features of this platform relevant to point-of-use surveys are listed below:


Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo) enables you to create surveys, forms, quizzes, and polls. These tutorials will show you how to start building a survey, distributing the survey, and analyze gathered responses with their reporting tools. 

Ethical guidelines

Practitioners should follow the practices laid out in the “Ethical considerations and guidelines for the assessment of use and reuse of digital content.” The Guidelines are meant both to inform practitioners in their decision-making, and to model for users what they can expect from those who steward digital collections.

Additional guidelines for responsible practice

Practitioners should understand the ways in which respondents’ and contacts’ personal data is shared within the software and should limit access to personal and sensitive data according to institutional privacy policies and best practices.

Contact Lists can include Custom Contact Fields. Custom Contact Fields may contain sensitive data. Examples include data like race, age, or salary, as well as survey responses from a prior survey associated with names and email addresses. Sensitive data should be shared with as few staff as possible. If Custom Data is sensitive, consider deleting the Contacts and the data association once they are no longer needed for survey deployment. In multi-user accounts, Contact Lists are only accessible to Admin Users, but all Admin Users can view all Contact Lists and the associated Custom Contact Fields.

For multi-user accounts, each survey is owned by a team. A survey is accessible to all members of the team unless an administrator restricts individual team members’ access to a particular survey. The capabilities and permissions a staff member has for different aspects of surveys are set at their account level on a team, not by the individual survey. Any staff member who has been assigned a Report Role can view the results of all team surveys, unless their overall access to a particular survey has been manually removed by an administrator.


  • Alchemer offers cost effective pricing compared to the competitors such as Qualtrics. Basic pop-up survey functionality is included in the current “basic collaborator” account (on par with the price of a paid Survey Monkey account as of 2022).

  • The Website-Intercept add-on allows an Intercept pop-up survey to be triggered by clicking on links attributed with a specified CSS class (i.e., allows you to trigger the survey upon click to download a digital object). The base subscription package includes the basic pop-up survey that is triggered by loading the webpage.

  • No Alchemer product branding appears on a pop-up or survey (unlike Survey Monkey).


  • While basic pop-up surveys are available in the base subscription to Alchemer, the Website-Intercept module must be added at additional cost, in order to create a survey triggered by downloading an object, which is the most useful point-of-use survey capability for reuse assessment. 

Alternative tools

Note: many survey platforms provide pop-up survey capabilities. Two other examples are included in this toolkit.

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