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General resources for evaluation and assessment

Baxter, K., Courage, C., & Caine, K. (2015). Understanding Your Users: A practical guide to user research methods. Morgan Kaufmann. 

Pappalardo, A. (2022, August 24). Research and assessment cycle toolkit. Association of Research Libraries. 

Getz, K., & Brodsky, M. (2022). The Data Literacy Cookbook. Association of College & Research Libraries. 

Text and content analysis tools

Tools to assist with analysis of unstructured textual data or documents, such as transcripts of focus groups or interviews. These tools assist with coding, annotating, organizing, and analyzing the information.

Citation/altmetric analysis tools

These tools assist with compiling and organizing citation data. 

Data analysis, cleaning, and visualization

These tools assist with analyzing and visualizing data. Some of these tools also assist with cleaning data beforehand, so that it is in a format that can be easily analyzed/visualized.

Analysis of bookmarks, citations, downloads, mentions, views

Transcription and audio editing

These tools assist with the creation of transcripts from audio files, or with editing audio files. 

Web scraping software

These tools assist with web scraping, or the automated extraction of structured data from a website. This data can then be mined for information.

Digital image forensics

Digital image forensics interprets the content of images on the web. 

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