We’re growing!: Welcoming 6 Advisory Board Members

We are delighted to announce the formation of our new Advisory Board, comprised of expert stakeholders from cultural heritage organizations throughout the United States of America and Canada.  The Board will provide critical feedback on methods used for data collection analysis and guidance in drafting final recommendations. The Board will also provide direction in identifying digital libraries and other institutions that could benefit from a “reuse toolkit.” (The functional requirements and use cases for a toolkit is the primary output of this grant.)

The project team identified Advisory Board members based on their experience in building and administering digital collections as well as in researching and teaching on digital library issues, and their ability for a granular understanding of the functions of digital libraries as well as a broad vision to shape this toolkit.

Advisory board members will serve for one year. During that year, the project team will host three virtual advisory board meetings, with the remainder of the feedback gathered through email and conference calls.

You can read more about the interests and professional accomplishments of each board member on the Advisory Board page.

Please join us in welcoming the Advisory Board!

Advisory Board members:

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