Sample Digital Collections Point-of-Use Survey

Based on a 2015 survey conducted by Duke University Libraries

[Institution] wants to learn more about the visitors to this website. Answering the following questions should take less than one minute and will help us improve our online resources. Thank you!

I am a (choose one)

  • Student 
  • Educator 
  • Librarian, archivist or museum staff 
  • Other ___________________________________________

Why are you here?  (Check all that apply)

  • Academic research (please list your research topic) ________________________________________________
  • Personal research (please list your research topic) ________________________________________________
  • Casual browsing 
  • Followed a link 
  • Other (please describe) ____________________________

What will you do with the images and/or resources you find on this site? (Check all that apply)

  • Use for an academic publication 
  • Use them for my homework 
  • Use them as a teaching tool in my classes 
  • Use for my job 
  • Personal use 
  • Share on social media 
  • I don’t know 
  • Other (please describe) _____________________________

Are you affiliated with the following?

  • [Your institution’s name]
  • A college or university [or museum, etc.] other than [your institution]
  • A K-12 school 
  • Other ________________________________________________

Would you like to say more about your use of our digital collections or provide any additional feedback?






Would you be willing for us to contact you for more feedback?  If so, please leave your contact information below. 

  • Yes _________________________________
  • No

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