Call for Follow-Up Survey Participation

The release of this follow-up survey is the Measuring Reuse team’s final step in our needs gathering process.  The survey consists of 14 questions. It asks participants to prioritize a set of use cases (generated from previously held focus group sessions) to identify the most useful functions of a digital library reuse assessment toolkit.

If you are a cultural heritage or research data professional interested in methods of evaluating reuse of your institution’s digital object collections, consider taking our survey:

If one of the first 50 respondents to complete the survey, participants will also be offered a $25 Amazon gift card for their participation in the survey.

Please see the survey itself for full eligibility criteria and informed consent. The survey ends at 5:00pm PDT on Friday, June 15, 2018.

Please do share on your social media networks! It would be very much appreciated.


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