Upcoming Activities: February 2018

Happy New Year!

The project team is hitting the ground running in 2018 as we prepare for several upcoming data collection sessions and conference presentations.

Metadata Interest Group – ALA Midwinter Meeting 2018: Ayla Stein will be presenting on behalf of the project team at ALA Midwinter 2018. The presentation is included as part of the Metadata Interest Group’s meeting programming at 8:30AM on Sunday, February 11, 2018.  Abstract to follow.

Presentation @ Code4Lib 2018Liz Woolcott will be presenting for the project team at Code4Lib, taking place this year in Washington, D.C. The presentation is scheduled for Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 1:10PM. Please see the session description for the complete presentation abstract.

Focus groups @ Code4Lib 2018: Also at Code4Lib we will be holding two in-person focus groups that will be held immediately after the close of the conference. These are our second set of in-person focus groups and are a primary method of data collection.

That’s it for now.  If you’re attending either ALA Midwinter or Code4Lib we hope to see you there!


Call for Survey Participation

Our first step in our needs gathering process is to release a survey that seeks to identify how cultural heritage organizations currently assess digital library reuse, any barriers to assessing reuse of digital objects, and to begin pulling community priorities for potential solutions and next steps together.

If you are a cultural heritage or research data professional interested in methods of evaluating reuse of your institution’s digital object collections, consider taking our survey: http://uhlibrary.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bKNLEtMwORvQmJD.

Please see the survey itself for full eligibility criteria and informed consent. The survey ends at 5:00pm EDT on Wednesday, October 11, 2017.

Please do share on your social media networks! It would be very much appreciated.


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