Project Deliverables

Final report

In September 2018 the project team released Setting a Foundation for Assessing Content Reuse: A White Paper From the Developing a Framework for Measuring Reuse of Digital Objects (DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/BQJVR).

This white paper:

      • provides a broad overview of the Measuring Reuse project, including background information on the AIG
      • outlines the methods used by the project team and summarizes results
      • discusses potential next steps

The permanent repository for all final project deliverables is the team’s Open Science Framework project repository, “Developing a Framework for Measuring Reuse of Digital Objects.”

Project Proposal:

Both the Preliminary Proposal and the Full Proposal are available on the IMLS website. (Please note, some information has been redacted from this version of the full proposal in order to protect personally identifying information.)

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